Clan Urquhart are having a week long Gathering in Scotland, starting on Saturday the 28th of June, when we are hosting a Clan tent at the Bannockburn 2014 Anniversary event . We are there for both days, Saturday and Sunday.
Our Chief Colonel Wilkins Fisk Urquhart of Urquhart USAF (ret) will be there, so this is a great opportunity to come along and meet him.
Our Urquhart Gathering is being held on our ancestral homelands on the Black Isle. It is being held in the Town of Cromarty on Saturday the 5th of July.
All Urquharts, Urchardans, Cromarties – or anyone else with an Urquhart Sept name, is invited to come along and meet us. In fact anyone and everyone is invited, Urquhart or nay.
If you are not already a member of the Clan Urquhart Association, maybe you would be interested in joining, if so, contact me at tomurquhart81@gmail.com . Anyone outwith the UK can also email me, and I will put you in contact with the appropriate person for your Country.

Tom Urquhart Seanachaidh, Clan Urquhart.