Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle




June 26 to July 2 2014


Clan Carmichael Gathering 2014 Schedule

THURSDAY June 26th. Welcome dinner 7.30 pm.

FRIDAY June 27th am. Clan lands march with piper opening remarks. An introduction to Carmichael the place, and an historical perspective presentation by your Chief, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn.

pm. Pipefest Stirling Castle. We march on parade as a global clan with a 1000 pipers through the streets of historic Stirling. (

SATURDAY June 28th – SUNDAY June 29th. (plus Monday June 30) Clan Carmichael has been approved and will have a tent in the Clan village at the National Trust of Scotland Battle of Bannockburn re-enactment weekend. You can choose to attend on either one, two or all three days and may be asked to help with our presentation which will include food from our 900 year old clan lands farm, Bannockburn era artefacts, clan migration and global clan data 2014!

There will also be Carmichael clan visits to Stirling Bridge, Stirling castle and nearby Wallace monument during these days. (

SUNDAY June 29th . Alternative day 1 Church service in Carmichael. Bless this gathering. Whereas many of us will be at Bannockburn we also hope to have a significant presence in the historic Carmichael kirk (1750) now called Cairngryffe Parish church. Afternoon trip to Falkirk Wheel.

MONDAY June 30th. Alternative day 2 (last day volunteer team to Stirling). We visit historic Abbotsford House the home of Sir Walter Scott returning in plenty of time to prepare for the 2014 Tartan Ball in the evening.

TUESDAY July 1st. Based at Carmichael in the gathering field we tour our district in a lighter day with plenty of relaxation time built in. Carmichael in the landscape, and in its historical perspective. Come find our Bannockburn roundels. BBQ clan lands meats on the ground itself. Challenge orienteering on a 1750 map. Mini Highland Games and Gala Dinner pm.

WEDNESDAY July 2nd. Departure