Clans with Spaces in the Clan Village at Bannockburn 2014 – Full list.

| August 19, 2013



We have now been passed the list of clans who will be in attendance at Bannockburn Live 2014. The Following clans have been granted space in the clan village/tent:

Clan Donnachaidh Society
Clan Arthur
Clan Cameron
Clan Wallace
Clan Buchanan
Clan MacLennan
Clan Currie (MacMhuirich)
Clan Moffat UK and Clan Moffat Society
Clan Carmichael
Clan Fraser
Clan Little Society
MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Clan Stewart
Herd Family Association
Clan MacNichol
Clan MacAulay
Clan Munro
Clan MacMillan
Clan Scott
Clan Urquhart
Clan Grant
Clan Crawford
Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (inc COSCA)
Clan MacFarlane
The Scrimgeour Clan Association
Clam Macpherson Association
Clan Cunningham
Clan Routledge
House of Boyd (Clan Boyd)
Paisley Clan Society
Clan Maclean
Nesbitt / Nisbet
Clan Hay

A bit of housekeeping first: if you have applied and your name is not on the list and you have not heard back from them I suggest you contact NTS right away. I have heard of clans who are assuming they have been granted space but the names are not on the list. As far as we know there are more spaces than allocated above. (about 7 more)

Reading through the list a few things leap out; first of all no Clan Campbell! incredible that such a large clan are not represented, then of course no Clan Bruce! The Bruce’s are planning to do their own thing in Dunfermline away from Bannockburn, nevertheless its pretty bad that NTS could not encourage them to at least have a presence. Also where are the large highland clans? Gunn, MacKenzie, Sutherland, Sinclair, MacKay? with the exception of Clan Munro the north highlands are very poorly represented. I know that Sinclair declared ‘out’ a while back but the story was the newly formed Northern Clan Alliance well right behind Bannockburn. Well either they have had a collective change of heart or the NTS have decided to keep them out. either way its pretty disappointing.

We will be contacting NTS to comment on the selection.

We've created this very crude clan map to give an idea about clans that will curently be represented at Bannockburn Live. One thing this shows is that there is virtually no representation from the North Highlands.

We’ve created this very crude clan map to give an idea about clans that will curently be represented at Bannockburn Live. One thing this shows is that there is virtually no representation from the North Highlands.


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  1. ANNA PIRIE says:

    I make items of jewellery from a variety of tartan fabrics, in a range of styles. I would like to be considered for trade stands at the gathering next year. When will application forms be available and who should I contact for that information?

  2. Anna

    you should contact the Bannockburn Live people directly:

  3. Ern Malcolm says:

    I’ll be belting on my Robbie Red plaid!

  4. Marti Morrison says:

    The truth of the matter is NO one has faith in The very unionist biased NTS to deliver a taste of the real spirit of Bannockburn. They have a history at the visitor centre and at the head offisce of playing the truth down incase its not PC. The council at Stirling have done as much as they can to ruin this event without making it look like a protest. The NTS are over pricing the day so that ordinary families cannot afford to attend. They are also making sure they make it difficult for Scottish cultural groups to attend because they know that They are the real heartbeat of The Scottish spirit thay are so desperate to play down. Clan Gathering like this one and the first gathering in 2009, are taken over and out of the control or the advice of those who truely love Scotland’s history and have a deeper connection to that history deliberatly. If you believe that NTS are non political and that this did not all come about about by dubious deals with Stirling Council then you must believe in the Tooth fairy too.

  5. Tom says:

    The ‘… very unionist biased NTS…’ are also aware of a pending ‘Yes’ referendum. So it is in the ‘unionist’ interests to make sure that the Bannockburn celebrations do not ‘encourage the locals’. Who else would ban a sgian dubh?

  6. Gail Adams says:

    I am sad to not see Clan Ross listed.

  7. Janet Ross says:

    We live in Australia had been making plans to attend but so disappointed that Clan Ross is not listed. We attended the last Gathering in Edinburgh with our family what excitement marching to Castle had a wonderful time and would like to come again
    , not much point when the Clan is not represented – extremely disappointed as we were able to meet up with relatives that we did not know existed. Please encourage the Ross’s to attend.

  8. Lee Glendening Koss says:

    Hi Roger,
    As you probably know, the Clan Douglas Gathering is from June 30, 2014-July 6, 2014. Perhaps there is a way for those of us #clandouglas or #clanglendinning folks to join with one of the clans that have already signed up. Who might welcome at least one #clandouglas or #clanglendinning lady?

  9. Andrew Fraser says:

    Glad to see the Fraser’s are represented, I wish I could attend, but at age 91, it is not possible.
    We have Sutherlands in our family, and I am surprised that they are not covered.

  10. Rick Mattice says:

    is there a list of the clans that actually were at the battle 700 years ago?

  11. Rick the simple answer to that question is no. In 1314 the clan system as we know it did not really exist. There were powerful individuals who were able to raise small armies who either supported or resisted Bruce but it was not until much later that we saw the formation of large ‘clans’ in the highlands with a chief as their head all linked by a common or adopted surname.

  12. Jeff Campbell says:

    I suppose clan Campbell won’t be there because we’ll just take over all the tents and declare them all for our own. To bad the Campbells won’t be coming.

  13. stacey says:

    What? No MacKinnon’s? Bummer!

  14. Oenghus MacDomnall says:

    I think you might find doing that a little more difficult than just talking about it Jeff 😉

  15. Brian young says:

    hi roger I have confirmed with events Scotland that Clan young uk have booked a Clan tent at Bannockburn 700 and you can chek with them too if you like.
    and you can now add us in on the clan map!
    best wishes
    Brian and stuart young
    Clan young
    We ride!

  16. Mairi says:

    No Clan Lindsay at Bannockburn Live 2014 ??

  17. Suzi McNutt says:

    I have just learned that on the evening of Friday, 27 June 2014, PipeFest Stirling will be having a march from Stirling Castle to Bannockburn. It IS open to clans wishing to march.

  18. Brad Matheson says:

    I will discuss with our Clan Chief whether Clan Matheson (MacMathain) should be represented. Given that we fought at the Battle of Bannockburn, Culloden and Glenshiel, we should have some representation at the 700th Anniversary.
    We will be there from Australia!

  19. Brad Matheson says:

    Clan Matheson is also having its international Gathering in July 2014 (17th – 23rd) in both Wester (aobh Siar Rois) and Easter Ross (Ros an Ear) as well as Inverness whence we came.

    • Tim Matthew says:

      My last name is “Matthew”. My grandparents took a trip to Scotland years ago and traced us to the Clan Matheson. My Grandfather is Scotish on his side (which makes me the same of course). Can anyone help me find out or point me in the right direction as to where I can get more history of my ancestors. They also brought back our family crest on a wooden plaque. Since then I’ve been interested in our past. FAC. ET. SPERO is written on the plaque with the crown and arm holding the sword and the circular belt surrounding the images. Plaid background with red and green.

      Thanks for any help anyone may have.

  20. Georgeanne Cochran Falstrom says:

    I would love to be in touch with members of the Cochran/e clan. Please contact me of any events that the clan in the US participate in.