Getting Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a small centre and if you are able then walking is the fastest way round. The main railway station, Waverley is right in the centre of the city and from there major sights like the castle are a short walk. Edinburgh is very hilly though so be prepared, especially walking up to the castle!


The main bus service is run by Lothian Regional Transport (LRT) these buses have maroon and white livery. The buses take exact change and you put this in a hopper next to the driver. The fare is a flat fee of £1:40 per adult and 70p per child for one way. You can also purchase a day ticket for £3.50 (£2.00) which gives you unlimited travel for one day (handy if you are making more than two journeys).


Taxis are reasonable priced and if there are 4 or more of you it may work out cheaper than a bus on a short journey. Its normally OK to hail a cab but if you are near a taxi rank they wont stop. if the taxi is free his yellow light on top will be lit. There is a large taxi rank inside Waverley station and various others around the city centre.


Whatever you do don’t mention the trams!  Work began on an Edinburgh tram network in 2008 and the latest estimate is that it will be competed in 2014 several years behind schedule and vastly over budget. Also the tram line has been dramatically scaled down. On the off chance it actually is running by 2014 then we’ve mentioned it here (the tram network is referred to in Edinburgh as the ‘cooncilors big train set’)