Getting Around Glasgow

Glasgow is a quite spread out city, the city centre covers a fairly large grid and this is a few miles away from the ‘West End’ where a lot of bars, restaurants, parks and galleries are.It is possible and quite safe to walk between them but you may prefer to take some form of transport. Getting round Glasgow is fairly easy.


Affectionately known as the ‘Clockwork Orange’ The underground consists of one loop going in both directions so even if you get on the train going the wrong way you will get to your destination eventually! Standard tickets are £1.40 for adults and 70p for children. Sometimes during holidays kids go free!

Low Level Train

Glasgow also has a decent network of low level trains and local trains that serve the suburbs. You can get these from Central station. Very useful if you are having to stay outside the centre on not on the underground route.

Glasgow has two main train stations. Queen Street station is smaller and this is where many of the express services run from to the East and North, this is the best place to get a train to Edinburgh or Stirling. Central station is a mile or so south of Queen street and you can get a connecting bus. This larger (and quite pretty) station serves the local train network and trains to the South.


The buses are run by SPT who also run the Underground, there are other buses operated by ‘First Bus’ who serve outlying areas. If you happen to be the only person at a stop, make sure you wave at the driver otherwise he wont stop.


Taxis are reasonably priced in Glasgow you will find most of them by the main rail and bus stations