As far was we know no events have been planned so far. Please see: for up-to-date information.

Currently they say:
“MacRae Clan Gathering 2014, now 2015
1 June 2014

The next Clan MacRae Gathering had been planned for 2014, one year earlier than our usual schedule. This was so that our Clan Gathering would coincide with the next International Clan Gathering, due to be held in Stirling in 2014, possibly on the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.
However, 2015 will be a very important year for Clan MacRae, being both the 300th Anniversary of the Battle of Sheriffmuir and the 100th Anniversary of the erection of our Clan MacRae Monument on Sheriffmuir. As we clearly cannot have a Clan Gathering on two successive years it has been decided that our Gathering should be held in 2015. The Sheriffmuir Anniversary falls on 13th November when weather conditions can be difficult and daylight hours much reduced. While we will commemorate the Battle as we do every year on its date, 13th November, it might be preferable to have our Clan Gathering during one of the summer months. If you are interested in joining us in 2015, please tell us what you would like. It is your Clan and your Gathering!
We do not yet have any details of the 2014 International Gathering but we hope that Clan MacRae will be able to participate, as we did for the last International Gathering.
More details will be provided as soon as they become available.”