The Tented Village

Clan Tents in 2009

The application process has been finalised and NTS have confirmed which clans will be in attendance in the revised clan tented area at Bannockburn Live in 2014. All clans will now be under one roof and will have tables in one large space rather than individual tents as seen in 2009.

Clans and Clan societies who have been confirmed by NTS are:

Clan Donnachaidh Society
Clan Arthur
Clan Cameron
Clan Wallace
Clan Buchanan
Clan MacLennan
Clan Currie (MacMhuirich)
Clan Moffat UK and Clan Moffat Society
Clan Carmichael
Clan Fraser
Clan Little Society
MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Clan Stewart
Herd Family Association
Clan MacNichol
Clan MacAulay
Clan Munro
Clan MacMillan
Clan Scott
Clan Urquhart
Clan Grant
Clan Crawford
Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (inc COSCA)
Clan MacFarlane
The Scrimgeour Clan Association
Clam Macpherson Association
Clan Cunningham
Clan Routledge
House of Boyd (Clan Boyd)
Paisley Clan Society
Clan Maclean
Nesbitt / Nisbet
Clan Hay